Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can't sleep.....so I blog!

Sigh, is 2.55am and I am still not feeling sleepy, scary huh...guess I just have to surf the net,do some work and write a few words on the blog then i will get back to sleep,Hahaha... I just wanna share some working pcitures here. Well, last Thurs was Nippon Paint's big day as it was the launch of 3 new products and we had over 700 guests from every part of Malaysia, plus including Spore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and etc to witness this meaningful evening. The photographer was nice to snap some of our pic during our busy preparation:

Monday, July 20, 2009

My thoughts are alive!

Hey peeps, just wanna share with all of you that my blog is back to live again ....after like 11 months? or even longer....Although im not sure how many people will still visit my blog (probably not even 1 anymore) but i will still leave my thoughts here tonight!

I suppose each year I will only have some time for myself, as in to really think of myself, to reflect on what I have done for the past few days, weeks, months or even years, or to even have time to just think about people around me, friends around me, things that i have missed out in my busy working lifestyle. AND.....................this few days are THE days that I have been doing tonnes and tonnes of thinkings about LIFE! and to be more specific : AUDREY's LIFE.

Well, I will have to talk like an old dude now: I feel like I have missed quite a bit in life, I love my work, I seriously love my work no matter which company I am in, even in my current new company, and I do enjoy my work be it whether it sucks or gives me tonnes of headachs coz at the end of the day, it is the learnings that are indeed satifying! no to mentioned the opportunities that's given from all my lovely ex-bosses and current boss as well as the exposures that I have gained. Well, still I realised I miss out times that I should spend with God, with family, with many old good friends and etc...(sometimes I wonder is this what we call ''life'' and ''growing up'')

As much as I think and wine about people and things that I've missed, I wish to highlight the biggest statement/term that I love to use: THANKFUL! I have always been truly thankful for thounsands of things in life, just let me name a few:

- Thankful to God that I have Him in my life
- Thankful for my dad and mom, they are like great friends to me
- Thankful for my sister, bro in law and cute nephew whom are back in Malaysia
- Thanksful to have Ken and have been thru many things with him and we are still loving =)
- Thankful that although I failed most of my O-levels papers yet am still doing good today
- Thankful that I have great bosses and colleagues in all my working years and more to come
- Thankful to have my 1st apartment with Ken
- AND many ''thanksfulssss'' way to come.....

I think I am done with all the typing and thankful to have such thoughts ...

Blessed night.

Note: Let me attach my most recent pic that I took during an event.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Division Trip - Pangkor

Last weekend was my first Division Trip a.k.a Company Trip la....Although not many people from my gang that went but it was really fun, coz i get to know other colleagues better...here are some of the pics:

1) Breakfast at Mamak
2) Waiting for Ferry @ Jetty

3) My Telematch Team

4) Our Sand Castle

5) Pool Side Buffet Dinner

6) My 1st round =)

7) Group Pic

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Work ..work and work..

The title has been my tagline since 2-3 months ago... check out what i did in the hotel during a business trip to Sabah:

I was like a college student trying to get myself familiar with all the presentation materials...

Sabu Sabu with friends...

A few of us went for Sabu Sabu steamboat to celebrate ET and Fung's brithday...as most of us were busy eating, i only managed to take a few pics... =)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Darling...

Because of my work, i hardly chat with my sis and of course hardly get to see my nephew via webcam lately...i suddenly realized he has grown up so so much when i chat with my sis today...he learnt to walk, talk, do funny facial expression and many more...I really miss him alot! Sis and Bro in law, i miss you both a lot too!!

Finally....i wrote something new in my blog...

I must say this again: I finally post something new to my own blog after 2 months...I shall summarize what has happened lately:
- I completed my 1st proposal paper in UMWT, it went a long way for approval and finally got rejected by 1 man =(
- 3 new and ad-hoc campaigns kicked off in the month of Apr, May and Jun
- I started to work late, later and latest...
- I had my first domestic flight to Sabah for branch visit
- I break the record of not going back to Ipoh for 2 months

Thank God i managed to cope with the stress that i had from ridiculous timeline and heavy workloads and im really glad things are better now...

So many times i wanted to give up but am happy that people around me has always been giving full support and encouragement and not forgetting strengths from above to keep me going on...